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Seed processing plant - Ukraine

OILYAR processes rapeseed, soybean and sunflower

The Ukrainian company OLIYAR is one of the largest producers of vegetable oil in Ukraine. In their oil extraction plant in the village of Stavchany in the Lviv region of Ukraine a SKIOLD Damas Omega cleaner is a part of the project.

OILYAR processes rapeseed, soybean and later added sunflower to the list of products processed. End products produced at the plant today are crude sunflower, soybean and rapeseed oils for human nutrition as well as sunflower, soybean and rapeseed meal and husk used in pellets for animals and, finally, they manufacture phosphatide concentrate from sunflowers, soybeans and rapeseeds used in the manufacture of margarine and in bakery, confectionery and chocolate goods or, in other instances, for cattle feed.

Modern oil extraction

The oil extraction plant is equipped with modern equipment from some of the world’s leading producers with a view to ensuring energy-saving and a minimal impact on the environment. At the same time, high productivity rates and the high quality of the raw materials are preserved in end products.

The plant is projected and delivered by Lachenmeier-Monsun as a turnkey project and equipped with a SKIOLD Damas Omega 241 IEE with a precleaning capacity of 15-8% and a fine cleaning capacity of 100 tonnes of sunflower seeds per hour. The plant is in operation around the clock, seven days a week.

The cleaner has two parallel operating screen boxes of laminated wood with a total of eight screen layers each consisting of three screens dimensioned 800 x 1250 mm. The total screen area is 24 m2.

The SKIOLD Damas Omega is equipped with an after-suction module “E" with a separating chamber for waste materials. The cleaner is delivered with two sets of screens, totalling 48 screens, including additional screens for soybeans and other products.

Challenges when processing sunflower seeds

“The cleaning of oil-extraction plants in principle does not differ from the cleaning of seeds from fibre plants. A challenge in reaching maximum capacity for the Omega is the size of the sunflower seeds. However, if seed size deviates from the standard size of seeds, which has been the case with the sunflower seeds used by OILYAR, the capacity falls. Also, sunflower seeds have different gravity and density than for instance wheat and this may cause challenges as well, explains Yaroslav Sapozhak from Lachenmeier-Monsun in Ukraine.

“As to the service from SKIOLD in the installation of the cleaner, it was fine – and after-sales support to plants delivered by us is minimal as it runs without problems”.

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