Fábrica de piensos SKIOLD, Zoogamma Italia

Feed production for the fattening and weaning of calves, Italy

Italian Zoogamma choses SKIOLD SK10T disc mill

Zoogamma is an Italian, national leader in milk-based feed production and fibrous foods with a particular focus on the production of feed for the fattening and weaning of calves.

Production at the company’s plant in Ghedi is of milk and fibre-based feeds, while powder is produced at its plant in Casalbuttano ed Uniti.

Zoogamma’s main goals are

  • to provide the market with high-quality products that meet the demands of producers by ensuring an excellent veal meat production,
  • to safeguard the end-consumer with respect to all principles related to food safety, sanitation criteria of farms and respecting the environment and animal welfare.

With more than 40 years’ experience in food production for calves, Zoogamma is a partner to farmers with a day-to-day collaborative working relationship with a view to improving the technical aspects of food and farming in Italy.

“We were contacted by CaReDi, a SKIOLD partner in Italy, when they heard that we were planning the production of a new line of feed for calves and after the meeting, we found that a SKIOLD SK10T disc mill was the perfect choice for our goals.

Visit at SKIOLD in Denmark - Zoogamma and Caredi

The capacity of our plant is 30 t/h of feed for calves, starting with grinded maize and barley. The capacity of the SKIOLD SK10T depends on the kind of products it is to grind. For our need no more than 10-12 t/h is required”, explains Mr Arturo Lanfred, plant manager of Zoogamma.

“We recognized CaReDi’s excellent know-how and, obviously, the good equipment, namely the SKIOLD disc mill itself. We chose a SKIOLD product as their global experience in equipment for the production of feed for calves is guaranteed. We knew our own goals very well and, certainly, the extraordinary grinding process of the SKIOLD Disc Mill SK10T will help us aim high and make a difference for us as to the final product, the feed for calves, improving its quality and safety.

grinding solution - disc mill - for calves feed production

”We find the quality of the equipment exceptional, like thickness and efficiency, and last, but not the least, the kind of grinded material obtained by the SKIOLD SK10T disc mill is optimal for animal consumption, concludes Mr Arturo Lanfredi, plant manager of Zoogamma.

For more information about this project in Italy, contact CaReDi at +39 042294073, info@caredi.it

For information for countries outside Italy, please contact SKIOLD.

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